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Gemini Dream Designs


Someone noticed that Chrys's energy blasts work better against patchwork men than robots. That is indeed true. It is easier for the mystical energy to blow open dead flesh than it is for it to blow up a robot. On the other hand, a bullet hole doesn't do much since there's no vital organs to mess up.

Did you know Mysteries of the Arcana has an official jewelry designer? Gemini Dream Designs created Theresa's portable digital storage device. If you're interested in buying that piece or if you're interested in steampunk style jewelry or jewelry for cosplay, you should go visit Gemini's site. The prices are reasonable and the designs are a nice departure from the wirework jewelry you often see from internet crafters. I can't recommend their work enough. After all, Theresa likes Gemini Dream Designs so much she trusted them to make a necklace she can store her gun in!

See you Thursday!