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Hidden Name: Misa.

It was previously speculated that Ruby is a robot or a gynoid. In fact, she is neither. In fact, where she comes from, she's what passes for organic life. If organic life was made up of gorilla glass and visible sound waves. That's one of the joys of writing Mysteries of the Arcana. No special effect is off limit, no character concept is too insane. I have absolutely no need to follow the laws of biology or physics.

Just a reminder of who Ruby is.

In the meanwhile, I'm looking to promote Mysteries of the Arcana where I can. To that end I'd like to get the webcomic featured on blogs or podcasts or review sites wherever I can. I'd very much like to grow the comic back up to where it was before the hiatus. I think that's a doable goal but only if I get the word out. If you happen to know of an opportunity to shine the spotlight on MotA, please let us know. We're already in all the standard webcomic promotional sites.

See you Thursday!