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Commission Keith W!



If today's page looks a little strange to you that's because, as he was doing what we in the industry call the flats (the basic colors of the page without the shading), Keith discovered he was running a fever. Obviously caring for himself overshadowed the need to get the page done tonight. We'll update with the finished, shaded page as soon as possible.

In the meanwhile, I am curious. I've been wary of actually sharing the origin story of the arcana with you guys. Not because you don't deserve to know it, of course, or because I think it is a bad story. Rather, I was worried with the slow pace of a webcomic (two pages a week) taking such a long break our familiar main characters might be a turn-off for readers. Even without the year-long hiatus we took in the middle, the Telling ran somewhere around 15 weeks. That's a long time to go without the main characters in a comic that is primarily about their relationships.

So, please tell me. What did you think of the Telling? Our origin story of the Arcana and the Keys? Please answer as honestly as you like.

See you Monday!