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Commission Keith W!

The Calm Between the Storms


Keith and I had a lot of fun playing with the tarot iconography in this one. The Fool is traditionally depicted as standing on a cliff. The Hermit is traditionally on a mountain. So, I figured, why couldn't the Hermit be above the Fool, looking down?

So, think the Wanderer and the Transformer are going to hug this one out?

In the meanwhile, Mysteries of the Arcana has gotten some more press! We were featured this weekend on Bleeding Cool, one of the big name geek news websites! To celebrate what is, quite frankly, our biggest exposure to the world to date Keith and I are running a challenge for the Mysteries of the Arcana chapter 5 Kickstarter.

If we hit $3,250 pledged by the end of Monday the 20th (or, more realistically, Tuesday morning when I wake up and do my morning internet checkup) we will add a Moon tarot card, featuring everyone's favorite cyberpunk fairy Mandrake, to every reward from the $10 level up.

I'd really love to give everyone a Mandrake based Moon tarot card so please do what you can to support the Kickstarter.

Thanks and see you Thursday for the next part of the Telling!