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Want More Lesbian Elf Kisses?


Check out that starry, starry night! Not to mention the new character in the final panel. Any guesses on who he or she might be?

I'm happy to say Mysteries of the Arcana has received a bit of press lately. Lisa Granshaw of the Daily Dot did an article on breaking into webcomics that features Mysteries of the Arcana (and me!) pretty prominently. And Alice Anderson over at Girls Like Comics wrote a review of Mysteries of the Arcana.

Perhaps most important of all, the Mysteries of the Arcana chapter 5 Kickstarter is LIVE!

This Kickstarter is to fund the next chapter of the webcomic. I pay for both art and editing services and that requires money. It used to be the money came from my bank account but, in this economy, that isn't possible anymore. Hence, this Kickstarter. We're looking to raise $4,100. Twenty-four hours in (as I write this) we've raised $1,430 or 34% of our goal. We need your help to push that all the way to the finish line.

We're offering a number of great rewards. For a $5 donation we're going to hide your name somewhere in the art of chapter 5! Going a little higher up there are some cool digital rewards including ebook copies of chapters 1 and 2 and the chapter 5 script book. At mid-level we start offering individual Mystery of the Arcana tarot cards. Past that, we're offering a unique MotA themed nail-polish, MotA themed cards for the Webcomic Battle CCG (including a Lesbian Elf Kisses card that is unique to this Kickstarter), and miniposters of Chrys and Theresa. Higher up we're offering professional critiques of comic scripts (by myself, Keith and our pro editor, Suzanne), an appearance in the comic as a villain, and original pages of art from the comic! For fellow creators, we have reward packages that provide advertising options in our digital books and on our webpage.

So, please. Go over to the Kickstarter page. Watch our fun video staring Chrys and Theresa and consider backing the campaign. Tell your friends about it. Every little bit puts us one step closer to funding chapter 5.

Thank you so much and see you Monday!