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Commission Keith W!

Blood Spilled

If you're confused by what the Fool is trying to do here, remember what the Minor Arcana can create by spilling their own blood. I'd be interested to hear your philosophical ideas on why the Minor Arcana can create life but the Major Arcana cannot.

BTW, Comic Creators for Freedom raised  6399 dollars to benefit Love 146, a not for profit that aids the victims of human trafficking. Thank you to every MotA reader who donated. I hope you enjoy the wallpaper and that you spotted 12 year old Theresa, complete with mullet and braces and pink foo foo dress. She's in the top row, sixteen from the left.

Let me make a note of our schedule for the rest of the year. We'll be posting an update on Thursday the 19th and Monday the 23rd as normal. However, we will not be posting story pages on the 26th or the 31st. Traffic tends to dip on those days and I'd rather save the story pages for after the new year when everyone's done with the holidays. We will have some fun filler pages up on those days, however. Story comics will resume on the 2nd of January in 2014.

Don't worry. this is only a small break so that Keith and I can enjoy the holidays with our friends and families. We'll be back. 

See you on Thursday when for the next page of the Telling!