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Commission Keith W!

300 Pages!

Mysteries of the Arcana is three years old. We've just finished our third storyline. AND! Today. THIS page. Today is our 300th story page! Three hundred pages of fantastic comics by Keith, Sarrah, Jessica, and Gennifer! To celebrate, we're going to have a contest! Here are the details:

Participants in the contest (you guys) will send us (Gennifer and I) art inspired by Mysteries of the Arcana. This can come in any form (so long as it is digital) from traditional fanart to photographs (cosplay would be awesome!) to poetry and more! Get wild! Get creative!

Entries need to be in to us by 5/13/2012 (one month from now). Gennifer and I will then judge the entries, not on quality (so don't worry if you can't draw as well as Jack Kirby), but on how well we believe it captures the spirit of Mysteries of the Arcana. The top three entries will be declared the winners. The winners will receive a prototype Mysteries of the Arcana Devil tarot card!

If you wish to enter please send your digital file (72 dpi jpegs would be lovely) to . Use 'MotA Contest' as the subject line. Include your name, the name you wish to be known by if we post your entry, and your mailing address so we can send you the prize if you win.

Now, for the legal junk. Mysteries of the Arcana reserves the right to post any entries sent to us online. Your personal information will not be shared or sold in any way. Please don't send hate mail.

300 pages! WOW!