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Sorry about that, folks. Gennifer had a family emergency that delayed this page from Thursday until today. Fortunately, the emergency had a happy ending.

So, here it is. The end of Chapter Three: Two by Two. This is the 293rd page. I could have stretched out the story for an even 300 pages but I didn't feel like being lynched.

Starting Thursday, we'll be taking a two week break from the comic. Don't despair, however! We will be doing a question and answer comic during that time period to give everyone more information about Mysteries of the Arcana.

To that end, we need questions! One very benevolent reader has given us several but I'd like some source variety. So, please, if you have a question about the arcana the characters, or some aspect of the story so far, please email it to mysteriesofthearcana (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you!

In the meanwhile, today's comic is the PERFECT time for you to comment on the story section! My goal is to get at least twenty comments on this page that aren't posted by myself of Gennifer. Hop to it! :)