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Online panel tonight!

This would have been up sooner but there was some confusion. I won't be posting any insights into the comic today. HOWEVER!!!

Tonight at 8pm EST I will be participating in an online, fantasy webcomic roundtable! Here's the teaser:

We’ll be discussing longform fantasy webcomics, and how such series differ from “gag-a-day” strips in terms of pacing, content and retaining a readership.

Currently scheduled to attend:

  • Thom and Kambrea Pratt (Shadowbinders)
  • J Gray (Mysteries of the Arcana)
  • Robin Dempsey (Leylines)
  • Savannah Houston-McIntyre (Amya)
  • Chezhnian Angelus and Eren Fitzgerald (Tamuran)

It is all online and you can attend by going to