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Bumpity Bump Bump

There have been some bumps in the road lately, folks, and I apologize for that. We'll strive to do better at delivering the comic in a timely fashion.

To answer some questions that were asked recently:

Agent K: Both Gennifer and I live in the United States. The comic is written, produced, and drawn there. We have readers all over the world, though!

Weertangel: There have been difficulties with artists. Keith got snagged by life and found himself unable to continue. Sarrah, the artist who took over for him, was a temporary replacement. Jessica, the next artist, was supposed to be permanent but found herself unable to continue as well. Gennifer came on board then. Please keep in mind that a webcomic like this is not the artist's primary job. The vast majority of webcomics actually fail because the artist finds the massive work that comes with producing it to be too much for them to handle on top of their regular jobs and lives. I would have preferred to have not switched artists, of course, but I am dedicated to keeping the comic going.

Pseudo: They did indeed get the Vitamin X. They only needed two bottles. William stowed it into his digital storage unit off-camera, just before he went to engage the horrors.

Magic_luver101: We try to update Mondays and Thursdays, yes. We haven't done well with that lately, I admit.

Speaking of, since this Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US, I suspect that the next page won't be posted on that day. Look for it Friday or Saturday.

Thank you for reading!