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Commission Keith W!

That was fun

Well, everything's more or less back to normal. Damage was minimal. Life's gone on. The basement will have to be plugged up somehow so this doesn't happen again.

I had a pretty good birthday. A nice dinner. Some fun presents. I got a copy of Ogre Tactics: Let Us Cling Together for the PSP. I also got the newest Dresden Novel and a few books on homesteading and country living, which is very nice. I'll probably pick up Disgaea 4 on Tuesday or Wednesday.

This page came out well. Gennifer did a great job. Obviously, the relationship between Theresa and William has deepened and evolved during this storyline. Theresa's had a chance for a bit of personal growth thanks to William's words. Chrys will soon have her moment of growth, too. When this is over she and Theresa will be more capable of friendship and eventually? Maybe even more.