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Commission Keith W!

Happy Birthday!

This is Gennifer's first page with multiple panels and with our main characters. Not only that, she gets to show off William using his Key power! William is the Knight of Swords, which means he can use his power to learn about an enemy's defensive abilities.

I'm very sorry about the galleries, folks. I've added them but I've forgotten how to actually list them in the Art section. I'll get with JD and have him remind me.

To people having trouble with the RSS feed I apologize. It seems to be working okay with me. Please let me know if you are A) not receiving updates to an RSS feed you've already subscribed to or B) aren't able to subscribe to the RSS feed at all. They are two different problems and we need specifics to diagnose.

Finally, guess what! Saturday is my birthday! I'll be thirty-six! Happy birthday to me!