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Schedule Change

First, an announcement. In order to better make two consistent updates per week, we’re moving from a Monday/Thursday schedule to a Tuesday/Friday schedule. The title graphic has been changed to reflect this. So, expect the full page tomorrow. As an apology for the sudden change, though, we’re putting up the lineart today.

Now, onto the neat post I had prepared for today!

One of the most enjoyable parts of writing Mysteries of the Arcana is the creation of new gadgets, both technological and mystical.

There’s the decorative, digital storage unit, of course. Chrys’s necklace works something like the digitizing gun in Tron, converting matter into information and tucking it away in an onboard, crystal data storage structure.

There’s the float feather, which was inspired by a D&D spell of similar name. Grasp the feather as you fall and your descent will be slowed. The tighter you grasp, the slower you fall.

William’s sword functions in two ways. It has a force field blade that essentially makes it an energy sword but the hilt also contains a sentient black hole. If the force field is turned off, the black hole can devour an enemy. However, William can only use this function once per battle.

Chrys and Theresa use the Bubble Hop bubble gum to leap across a mine field. Place a piece on the bottom of your shoe and you get one good springy step!

And, of course, there’s my favorite item of all, the Royal Road. Without the Road, no one could traverse the arcana! Well, no one but Chrys and her dad, anyway.

What’s your favorite item or spell from Mysteries of the Arcana?