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Okay! Jess tells me she still has shading to do on this page but we both thought you'd like to get a look at what happens next.

Mandrake speak is, and I have mentioned this before, hard to write. I have developed some standard pictograms she uses to mean certain things. The red circle with a slash through it, for example, usually means 'no'. She uses people's faces instead of 'you' or 'me'  because that is easier to depict, with pictures, than pronouns. Likewise, certain concepts such as 'more' are hard to depict so I often leave the off and let people fill in the blanks. So, in the last panel of the previous page, Mandrake is saying:

No more of your games! No more of your plans!

It seems Mandrake's gotten tired of Chrys's manipulations, too.