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Superheroines Kick Ass

Next week is Sarrah's last week on Mysteries of the Arcana. There's one more page in this section of the story and then... then we'll have surprise guests! Thursday's page will be a LOT of fun!

In the meanwhile, if you lack for pretty pictures and good reading material I recommend the blog DC Women Kicking Ass. This blog discusses comic books (especially DC comics), female comic characters, female comic creators, and female comic readers. Often, entries just show off fantastic art but at least once or twice a week we get thoughtful commentary. It is insightful, interesting, and thought-provoking. I can't recommend it highly enough. Honestly, there are times when I worry that my portrayal of Chrys and Theresa aren't up to snuff. This blog reminds me that not only can female characters be portrayed as strong, capable, and interesting people but that I have a duty to do so.