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Some answers

There was some speculation about Theresa using William's sword after the last page. Pseudo guessed correctly. The black hole function can only be used by William. Theresa is just using the sword in basic mode, where the containment field acts as an energy blade. So long as she doesn't press the release button on the hilt, she's golden.

By the way, note the blood on this page. A lot of people seem to have assumed the horrors are robots. They aren't.

I ran the first session of my Changeling the Dreaming campaign Saturday night. We only had three players but it went pretty well. If anyone's interested, I'm using Obsidian Portal in order to document the campaign, including NPCs and locations. The PCs haven't been added yet, but there's some information there. The address is:

I'm happy to have feedback from anyone. Ideas for NPCs, locations, and adventures are always welcome.