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Commission Keith W!

Yay for Keith!

I'm pretty proud of the last few pages. It is a perfect example of how well Keith and I have learned to work together. I had a good idea of how I wanted this action sequence, starting with Theresa jerking her feet free of her boots and ending with her putting a stake to William's head, to play out. I came up with a sequence of events (Theresa yanks her feet out, flips over, pulls the stakes from the ground, and so forth...) but didn't plot out the individual pages. Instead, I turned the sequence over to Keith and said 'plot it how you will, set up the panels how you think they should be done, work the camera angles you think should be worked.

And he did a great job. Good job, Keith! And thank you.

*Keith W. speaking here*
With J's praise, I now give him a reason to want to strangle me. This is a sight that is rarely really seen by few, but I thought you guys might enjoy a little peek at what really is the starts of a page. J gives me the script, most times, divided up and angled out how he sees it in his mind. I take this information, and sometimes, though not often, I'll see an alternate presentation that I think may add some more visual strength to the page. If I do, sometimes I will talk to J about it, and sometimes I'll just do it, so everyone gets a surprise.

Ultimately, J and I have reached a point where he let's me translate his words into vision without any real extra tinkering. Some of it is due to me staying fairly busy, which leads to pages being somewhat behind (barring being sick and then very behind). 

So, enjoy this little peek at what a page starts out as, and look forward to the final page later on today.

Update: With the page completed, and some people possibly wondering what I'm referring to above, here's a link to what was up earlier today.


Keith W.