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Things Churning


Hey guys and gals,

I know you've all been waiting a long while for some kind of something. MotA is still on indefinite hiatus, as J's life has become very full, leaving little time for him to write to finish out the story (but I am working on trying to get us there). As with any project of passion, this is his baby, and trying to find alternative solutions to finish it out are difficult.

In the meantime, I am preparing to launch something of my own. A harem, fantasy, comedy, action story with all manner of twists and turns. The site is up, but still pending some final tweaks and some page expansions (cast page, links, what-have-you), but as I'll be doing this all with my own two hands and brainpan, the only person responsible for hiccups will be me. Like MotA, it will be Patreon funded, which I've already restructured and set up as I'm working toward the roll-out. The comic is called Seal of the Guardian (Hogo-sha no Inkan), which follows our protagonist Kei, and their misadventures in the land of Wisteria. So feel free to pop over there in anticipation of the October release, or check out the Patreon and see if you guys would be interested in supporting me over there. I'm aiming for once a week updates for the time being, but if we reach a certain point, I'll try to move to twice weekly.

The art style is a little different, but, since I do have J's permission, you miiiiiiiight see some familiar faces pop up in Wisteria along Kei's adventure.

Hope to see you over there!

Verias/aka Keith W. out.