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Commission Keith W!

Greets and Things

Hokey dokey. Where to start.

First, a slight apology for taking a bit longer than expected to produce this. A fresh install of PS is never a kind thing to try and work expeditiously with. 

Anywho, the box is up and running at 110% (I add that extra 10% because it's better than what I had). So, first off, many thanks go out to our readers, and of course our big donor that helped me get the parts I needed to repair my box.

And lastly, this page is actually probably one of the most detailed I've done since I started working on MotA. It'll make more sense once it's colored, which will be a "get it done asap" in my department here. From here onward, things should be back to normal!

Once again, thanks to everyone for your continued support, both J and I appreciate it greatly.

Keith W.