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Busy Weekend

As has been pointed out, the Tales link doesn't quite work yet. I meant to fix that this weekend but it has been pretty busy. On top of house work and time spent with loved ones, I ran two tabletop games. One online with my old group in North Carolina and one face to face with my new group here in New York. The NC game takes place in the Mass Effect universe and the gang had to deal with the seductive song of "dragon's teeth", those spikes that create husks. They also had to start tracking down an asari commando turned merc who has a bounty on her head. The NY group are in an original fantasy universe and they had to survive having their ship being sunk by a giant sword fish. They managed to make it to land but only after seven days aboard a makeshift raft and a rather nasty shark encounter.

I want to thank everyone who donated to MotA last week. You really helped with our expenses. Remember, the wallpaper is available to anyone who donates at any point this month!