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Commission Keith W!

More Action!


So, we are getting a better look at what Aleena summoned from her digital matter storage unit. It's...*gasp* a sword!

While I was plotting out this page in my head, I was walking back from the store and totally became lost in thought. I walked up to my front door, forgetting Iocked it when I went out, and very nearly smashed my nose when I attempted to open the door and walk right into the apartment. Needless to say, I stopped short.

Also, Kietra seems to be sliding in to home plate while showing that catcher what for.

What do you guys think of how this is shaping up so far?

See you guys on Thursday,


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Guest post by "David"
This is quite satisfying to both my refined, story-seeking personality, and the other guy that appreciates gratuitous stylised violence (who can be identified using the oft-spoken quote "WOO! F*** YEAH!!") :D

Submitted October 10, 2016 at 11:13PM


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Guest post by "JD"
^ this.
Plenty of bloody death killing action for our refined palettes.

Submitted October 12, 2016 at 11:10AM

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