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Okay! My birthday and the resulting other events which surrounded it threw me off-kilter but I'm back on track. By the way, if you want to get me a birthday present, consider becoming a patron! Our Patreon makes the comic happen and, technically, its below the "two updates every week" level. We could use a little love.

Chrys is, as one might imagine being the only child growing up in an adventuring inn, a little lonely here. The idea of a new friend, even one she believes to be a butterfly and not a faerie, is terribly exciting! On the other hand, poor Mandrake is freaked the heck out.

Final page comes on Thursday. The new page of the next story appears on Monday. People who invest in the Patreon for the comic at the $3 and above level will be seeing it tonight!

See you Thursday!

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Guest post by "Jourell"
Awww so cute. It seems Chrys and Mandrake have really been friends for a while.... in fact I wonder exactly how long. IE... if her people mature at a similar rate to humans. Also.... chocolate!

As I identify as a Christian I really feel for Theresa and her questions. I'm not gay myself but I have friends that are and so wondering how they fit in to my life is something I am familiar with.

Also one last thing that made me chuckle was the heirophant sign doing the Vulcan salute. Leonard Nemoy was Jewish and took tha sin from the temple. The priests mad it while doing a blessing. I wonder if that was deliberate as there seems to be more the christian iconography in that window. Approprate in any case.

Submitted August 29, 2016 at 9:18PM

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