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E3 and Beer


We all know what the most important thing in this page is, right?

Theresa has beer.

She'd had to wait a few more years to get that legally back home!

Meanwhile, there's a bunch of new announcements coming out of E3. We've got some brief looks at Mass Effect Andromeda's gameplay, we've got Titanfall 2, Walking Dead season 3, new Fallout 4 DLC, Dishonored 2, and, most intriguingly but oddly of all, a story mode for FIFA 17.

Oh, yeah. Also a remaster of Skyrim for the PS4 and XB1. Let's talk about that.

Skyrim was okay. It wasn't great.

There. I said it.

Why do I say this? Well, first let's start with the block of wood you drive around. It just doesn't matter what your block of wood is. Sure, you can customize it with specific abilities but it remains a block of wood with no emotion, no motivation, no background, and no life to it.

I think Mass Effect spoiled me.

The other problem is it is an open world where you don't matter. You kill someone, everything just more or less goes on following its prescripted routines. You become head of a fighting guild or a mage college and you're still treated the same no matter where you go instead of as leader of a powerful organization. Hell, you don't even get to govern your organization! "You're leader now! Here's your apartment! No go away."

Seriously, what's up with that?

See everyone Thursday!

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Guest post by "six"

Someone wonderful indeed.

New southpark game got me rather excited but other than that e3 haven't really... scrap that Sony just got started and damn!

Not sure about games but whole orchestra at e3!

What I really am hyped for is Berserk Musou but doubt it will be shown on e3 as that teaser I just saw on youtube is rather edgy on nudity and tentacles.

Submitted June 13, 2016 at 9:07PM


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Guest post by "Adamas"
The thing about Skyrim is, They said last year that Built the FO4 engine by remastering Skyrim's for Current-Gen, so it was fairly obvious they were going to release it. As for the FO4 DLCs...I'm irritated. Nuka-World better make Old World Blues and Shivering Isles look like steaming piles of horse droppings to make up for 2 more "workshop" DLCs which might have 1-2 things I'll actually use each. It smacks of Haerthfire which was stupid on PC and even more so with Console Mods adding stuff to the workshop anyway. Only reason I'll get them is I had a season pass when it was still $30. Not worth the higher price.

Submitted June 14, 2016 at 1:00AM

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