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William Shirtless No More


Hidden Name: Coyotzin

And now, William puts on his shirt. This chapter was an interesting writing experiment with me. Chapters 1 and 2 were told entirely from one point of view. The cameras never left Theresa. Chapter 3 was told from two points of view - Theresa and William and Chrys and Mandrake, switching back and forth between them. There were two wanderings; one to Melody and Kludge and one to Surgeon and Blue but both were brief larks. Chapter 4 was either Theresa's view point or the Telling itself.

But chapter 5? It switches scenes regularly and is more location based than character based. From the garage to the Inn's taproom and back again. Now we're changing the two locations a bit. Chrys and Theresa need to go to the taproom while Mandrake and William will be outside the Inn. Keith will like that - when our scenes are outside in the Fool there's no backgrounds to draw!

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Guest post by "Gunsolo"
Now now Mandrake, let's not start splitting hairs. Smile

Submitted June 26, 2014 at 12:48PM

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