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Good deductions!

Sorry this is so late. Gennifer had technical problems. I think it had something to do with chosing SAVE instead of SAVE AS... :)

Several of you speculated on how William's sword would work in this situation. It was pointed out that, before, William imbedded his sword inside his enemy before turning off the force field (and thus loosing the hunger of the black hole contained within the hilt). This time, William let the black hole eat free and clear and had to battle, both physically and through willpower, to shut it off.

I don't think the black hole much likes being in the sword hilt. Do you?

Too bad the sword didn't gobble up ALL the horrors before William turned the force field back on. I sure hope Theresa got that truck working...

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Guest post by "adamas"
Nope, I dare say !GNAB would rather eat dog-boy and everything else in whatever arcana it gets let loose in.

And Holy Shinole I was right?!?! I is shocked! Yawn

Submitted October 30, 2011 at 11:52PM

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