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Commission Keith W!

Together Again!

Update!: All finished and there you guys go. We'll be seeing you again on Thursday!

Please note! Today's comic will be delayed due to some computer problems. We'll have it up as soon as William slays these nasty little viruses, Tron style!

William showed up again last page but this marks the first appearance of Kludge and Melody in person since Chrys told the story of her birth in chapter 2.

You'll see almost as much (if not just as much) of William and Mandrake this chapter as you will Theresa and Chrys. You'll also see some fun Melody and Kludge side plottage. Circe will also be making an appearance. As for Blue and the Surgeon? I'm saving their side plot as some sort of bonus feature down the road.

Speaking of bonus features, I'm working on a prose storyline for our upcoming print edition of chapter 1. The story will tell the origin of the Mysteries of the Arcana multiverse! Hopefully their will be many orders for the book when we finally launch it.

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Guest post by "Fairportfan"
Ummm, it's 0308 EDT, 10/25, and i still have last Thursday's comic, even though i have this commentary.

Submitted October 25, 2010 at 3:09AM


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Yes, apologies. Keith's got a nasty computer virus that's preventing him from doing Photoshop work. He'll have it up as soon as he can.

Submitted October 25, 2010 at 7:28AM


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We are experiencing some technical difficulties, please stand by.  Or go take a nap.  Maybe grab a bite for lunch.  Go soak in the tub full of Blue.  Could watch Lord of the Rings in its extended entirety.  Get all your Christmas shopping done on Ebay.  Or live at the mall for three days.  Genetically splice your own goatfrog.  Eat some Buzz (don’t chew or swallow).  Piss off a Mandrake just to watch her tell you to go F*** yourself, then go try it out.  Read all 32 years of Garfield.  Laugh at ALL the LOL Cats.  Or you can just continue standing by, praying for a miracle to save Keith’s computer when everyone who has ever seen it knows the damn thing was put on life support by the dinosaurs.  (insert crude joke about cyber STDs aka computer viruses)  Great excuse for an upgrade!  We now return you to stare at the wonderfully detailed but icky page of “Explosion are Fun”.  Thank you. 


All the evils of the world can not outwiegh one act of kindness.

Submitted October 26, 2010 at 2:50PM


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Guest post by "Ayra"

So... Unlike last week, actual viruses were harmed in the making of this comic?

Theresa's still a tiny bit bitter I think... But on the positive side, we finally get to see Melody a bit! Okay, we mostly just see her hair and her intact arm, but it's a start! Smile

Submitted October 27, 2010 at 7:19AM

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