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Guest post by "Fairportfan"

"The tools of war may change, but war itself really doesn't."


Two vultures were sitting in a tree, waiting for something to die, when they suddenly saw a whole host of animals running toward them - big animals, small animals, predators and prey, all running in a panic and not paying any attention to each other.

Finally one of them called down to a bear who was passing a little more slowly than the rest, looking back over his shoulder occasionally.

"Hey, man - what's going on?  It looks like you're all running from a fire, but I don't see any fire..."

"No," the bear said.  "The humans are having another war, and everybody's scared, so we're all running away until it's over." 

"Huh," the other vulture said, "for hundreds of thousands of years, we vultures have been doing quite well for ourselves out of the human wars.  All sorts of goodies lying around, you know."

"Well, good luck, then," the bear said and trotted off.

The vultures nodded to one another, took wing, and flew back in the direction the animals had been coming from ... and were vapourised in a twenty megaton nuclear blast.

And the moral is, things can change in a hundred thousand years.