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First, let me introduce you to the Corrupter. Let's just say Theresa knows him well and if anyone could figure out how to trap beings of immense power like the minor arcana, it is this entity. The poor King of Pentacles, stuck for eternity in the center of a world made of precious metals and gemstones.

As I am writing this the Mysteries of the Arcana chapter 5 Kickstarter has raised $2,713. That's 66% of our $4,100 goal in less than a week! I am so grateful to each person who has backed the campaign so far. Thank you for believing in Mysteries of the Arcana and in Keith and I. We can't do this without you.

I'd like to point out how awesome our $5 donation reward is. Plenty of comic-based Kickstarters place every backer's name on a wall somewhere on their website, thanking them for their donation. We will do that for everyone, of course, but we're doing something more, too. Every backer who donated $5 or more to the campaign will have their name hidden somewhere in the art of chapter 5.

So, a few months from now you might wake up, come to read the latest page of Mysteries of the Arcana, and spot your name hidden in the texture of the wall behind Theresa or perhaps hidden in the stitching of Mandrake's jacket!

How awesome is that?

I am serious when I say this. If every person who reads Mysteries of the Arcana regularly donates $5 to the chapter 5 Kickstarter campaign it will go a long, long way towards helping us make our goal. It might even put us over the top! So, please, if you can, head over to the campaign and back it.

We really want to hide a lot of names in chapter 5.

Thanks and see you Thursday!