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Commission Keith W!

All Better!


Thanks for the all the well-wishes, everyone! And thank you, Keith, for redoing the entire page after I remembered I had forgotten to tell him, 'Do this one in color'.

And so we learn the Arcana of the animated objects and Mr. Fuzzy is, in fact, in permanent black and white and the coloration was not the result of a flash back.

Next page is the last page of this storyline and then we move onto, "Birthday", the last short story of this chapter.

See you Thursday!

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Guest post by "steveha"
There is a web comic called "Unicorn Jelly" about people in a different universe than our own.  That universe (its name is "Tryslmaistan") has  different physical laws; things aren't made out of atoms, they are made out of "tratons"; there is no gravity, but there is a force called "linovection" that pulls things down (there is in fact an absolute "up" and absolute "down" in Tryslmaistan); etc.  And the creator of the comic pointed out that to visit such a universe you need to become part of it... your body will now be made of tratons, and so on.  (It's highly improbable that anyone would survive this!  How can the chemical reactions in a human body work the same way when the chemistry is different due to different physical laws... heck, the equivalent of electricity in Tryslmaistan has *three* different charge states, positive, negative, and some third thing.)

The above was a slightly mind-bending thought when I first encountered it.  But it makes total sense, and I buy it completely.  To visit a different universe with different physical laws, you either need to be wrapped in some sort of protection that stubbornly holds a pocket of the laws of your own universe, or else you need to be "converted" somehow into the kind of matter that exists in that universe.

I'm going to guess that the inter-universe travel in Mysteries of the Arcana converts the travelers if need be.  So these guys never had colors before, and now they do!

Submitted March 1, 2017 at 2:35AM

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