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Pictographic Speech


I remember when I first conceived of Mandrake. Small, goth-punk faerie who spoke in pictures. That was the entirety of her character. She was originally supposed to be something of a support character - there to help the plot move along and serve drinks in the background.

How little I knew. It became obvious, the minute I put her on the page, how essential she was to the story and how amazing she was as a character. Readers responded to her and I responded to her as well. I knew we'd see much more of her.

Mandrake hasn't gotten the screen time given to Chrys and Theresa but I feel like, along with William, she's the strongest of the secondary characters. If this were a television show, she'd have title credits, absolutely.

What do you think of Mandrake?

See you Monday!

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Guest post by "Fairportfan"
Is that one of the Unpleasant People From Back Home?

Submitted December 2, 2016 at 4:01AM

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