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Merry Christmas!


To everyone that celebrates Christmas, may I wish you a merry one! I hope the next few days are wonderful and bright for you.

We'll be back come Monday. For now, enjoy this gorgeous holiday filler. Keith was obviously inspired by a recent movie of some sort. I'm not sure which one, of course, but I'm sure you can figure it out!

For those who are interested, this year I began writing for small press RPG companies. I'm including a full list of books below, including links to where to buy them. I earn royalties on the books marked with a star. Buying those books helps support me and, therefore, Mysteries of the Arcana. Please consider doing so with your holiday money. I appreciate your support in whatever form it come in. Thank you for being part of the Mysteries of the Arcana family.

P.S. If you do buy any of these books please consider leaving a review. If you're buying a book that Keith illustrated, make sure to mention the art in the review. That lets the publisher know he or she hire Keith again!

Call to Arms: Ten-Foot Pole. An April Fool's Day charity product. I contributed.

Campaign Kits: the Mysteries of Hollowfield. A Halloween charity product. I contributed.

* Letters from the Flaming Crab: Culinary Magic. I developed and edited this. All new cooking magic for Pathfinder!

* Letters from the Flaming Crab: Haunted Places. Developed and edited this. Haunts and new occult archetypes!

* Letters from the Flaming Crab: Wheel of the Year. Developed and edited. Pagan holidays for Pathfinder.

* Letters from the Flaming Crab: Winged Cavalry. Developed and edited! All about the flying, mounted cavaliers!

More Forgotten Feats. Contributed to!

Once Upon an Encounter: Little Red Riding Hood. An encounter GMs can slip into any campaign! A new twist on an old story.

Once Upon an Encounter: Frog and the Scorpion. This one got 5 stars from the biggest RPG reviewer in the field of 3pp Pathfinder products.

* Sidebars: Equipment Tricks for Rope. An expansion of the already existing feat.

Spellstaff: a Magic User's Weapon. My very first solo book. Proud of it, though I need to work on a "second edition."

Spheres of Power: Expanded Options. I wrote three archetypes for this. Based on the Spheres of Power alternate magic system.

* Dragon's Hoard: Magic Arms and Armor. I co-edited this. Tons of new magical weapons and armors and shields! Each one individually illustrated.

AND! Keith's getting into the RPG field, too! If you're interested in supporting his work, give these books a look at.

Spooky Gardens Autumn Special. Killer plants! Illustrated by Keith Wood!

Frozen Gardens Winter Special. More killer plants! Also illustrated by Keith!

See you Monday!

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J, Keith, and all your friends and readers - wishing you a warm and wonderful holiday with friends and family.

Submitted December 26, 2015 at 11:16AM

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