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Commission Keith W!

Tis the Season


Sorry, all. The page is a few hours late.

The school season has started and, with it, all manner of after school programs for the kidlets. Add to that the usual array of doctor, dentist, and other appointments and, well...

... it shouldn't happen often.

In other news!

I am opening myself up for commissions. What's that you say? But J is a TERRIBLE artist.

And you are RIGHT! I am.

But! I am an okay writer. So, if you are interested in commissioning me to write you a little something something let me now. I'm going with .02 a word for my rate. But I'm willing to negotiate. My guess is I won't get many nibbles but, hey, you can't fish if you don't throw your line in the water.

Well, I suppose you can fish with a net. Or something. Anyway, point is. Commissions. You want me to write for you? Let me know.

Emails to: mysteriesofthearcana (at) gmail (dot) com.