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Chapter 6 Begins!


Hello and welcome to chapter 6!

I've done a little updating to the site. You might notice it says we'll update Wednesday and Friday. The main comic is Wednesdays and we've got a special treat for Fridays. I'm not saying what it is yet.

Also, the donate button has been changed to a Patreon button. We are currently a mere $70 away from reaching our next goal, which would allow us to return to twice weekly updates. Please consider clicking on the Patreon button and pledging $1 or 2 a month. Every little bit helps.

Meanwhile, to celebrate chapter 6 we are having a sale! The ebook edition of Mysteries of the Arcana, chapter 1 is on sale for just $4.99! The regular cover price is $12.99. So this is an amazing time to pick up the book. You'll get a copy of MotA ch 1 that you can read offline on your Kindle or tablet AND you get the bonus story, Narrow, staring Theresa and Chrys. Plus, the money goes to a good cause (well, some of it, anyway. That cause being me and Keith!). That's over 100 pages of comic goodness for the price of one 22 page monthly book from one of the big 2, folks! Don't make me beg!

Mysteries of the Arcana, chapter 1 is available from Amazon.

Or, if you prefer it in straight PDF form...

Mysteries of the Arcana, chapter 1 is available from DriveThruComics.

See you Friday with the surprise!

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Guest post by "Aleena"
Some objects, but not others?

So there could be like treasure laying on the ground and you'd never know it until you kicked it.

Could you find objects that don't self-illuminate in the royal road and wear it as like an invisibility cloak? Smile

Submitted February 4, 2015 at 2:11AM


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Basically, things with a "life force" are visible from range in the Fool. Things without a "life force" are only visible within very close range. Anything you are wearing or carrying counts as part of you for purposes of being seen, so you can't cloak like that, no.

Submitted February 4, 2015 at 8:51AM


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Guest post by "Musical_life"
Oh, nice. My birth year is on the front page, now I feel old. :P

Submitted February 4, 2015 at 11:43AM

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