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Busy Time of Year

The holidays have me running around so I'm a bit behind schedule on just about everything, like this post!

We'll be rounding off this week, then taking a week off to celebrate the holidays. No worries, though, there'll be content offered during that time. Half the websites on the internet seem to be offering a top ten games of the year so I don't plan on adding to the traffic. Instead, I'll be presenting the top ten female characters in video games.... from games I played this year. Which will include old games (I tend to replay games or buy them later in their lifetime) as well as newer games.

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Guest post by "Ayra"

I hope you replayed Valkyrie Profile so Lenneth Valkyrie is on the list Smile

The escape pod might be in an not exactly pristine condition, but for only 5 credits it sounds like a great deal!

Did Mandrake conciously decide on that spot to grab?

I hope there's no auto-engage in that pod as soon as someone enters it, or else I'd say that Theresa just might be having an easier time with her quest...

Anyway, hope you'll have nice relaxing holidays!

Submitted December 21, 2010 at 9:24AM


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Guest post by "JD"
That little guy is determined to be evil, isn't he?  Remind me to avoid grays the next time I'm on vacation, never know how much trouble the little critters might cause.

Wishing J, Keith and all the readers a warm and happy Christmas and holiday season.

Submitted December 21, 2010 at 1:46PM

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