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Short Break

J and I are taking a short breather this week, to prep for chapter 3. So, stick around, comment, talk about your thoughts on chapter 2, and be ready for more MotA on Monday the 18th!

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Guest post by "Ayra"

Aww... Well, enjoy your break, it's certainly well deserved! Smile

I wonder how long Theresa will be bitter and grumpy for? Well, considering what she went through... I assume quite a bit of time unfortunately! I hope Chris' new (likely) shiny cloak will keep her happy in the mean time.

Will we see Melody (Chris' mom) this chapter? The whole first chapter was about saving her (and seeing her unconcious for a panel or two), while she wasn't present at all in the second.

I know that we can see her in the Vote Incentive, but that doesn't count Smile

Submitted October 12, 2010 at 11:10AM

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