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Commission Keith W!

Seriously? Wow.

One very, very special reader has donated all the money we needed. Thank you. Keith's already ordered the parts. They'll arrive in early June so we aren't perfectly on track. So, next week we'll have black and white pages with hand lettering. This'll be interesting. Keith will color them in as soon as he is able. Right now he can scan but he doesn't have the processing power to run Photoshop and color.

Thank you again. I hated to have to do this but you came through when we needed help most.

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Guest post by "weertangel"

Well, its good that someone helped u out, if i was't so low on cash myself i would have helped out, i've done it before at Charby, and would do so again if i'd think it was exstremely needed, i would't mind lesser quality, but i hate watching ppl suffer couse they can't pay their bills or something, or some other reason(this is not critisism, so don't take it the wrong way)

but good luck!

anyway, i got a epileptic seizure to sleep off, so good night Smile


Submitted May 28, 2010 at 7:22PM

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