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MotA the RPG


My, that location looks familiar. So do those people! Whatever is going on? And a no prize for anyone who can explain the dialogue bubbles in this scene!

KFox asked if Chrys can use the Royal Road. In fact, she can't. Or, rather, she can't activate it but other people can draw her along through the Road. Chrys isn't a Key and if unable to Dreamwalk has no way to travel through the arcana without help.

Now, for the big announcement!

This week I made an agreement with Fat Goblin Games to create an RPG based on Mysteries of the Arcana using the Vs. M Engine! I'm currently in the "writing down everything that will be in it" stage. The RPG won't be hundreds of pages long - I'm aiming at simple and affordable - but it will be comprehensive enough to play in the MotA multiverse!

I will be providing updates on the RPG via my Patreon for the comic. People who are donating to the Patreon on the $5 (or above) level will be receiving a PDF copy for free! Please consider donating.

See you next Monday!