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Commission Keith W!


I believe this puts us just about halfway through chapter 6. I suppose I should start writing chapter 7. After all, those people who backed the Patron for MotA have been kind enough to pay for it! Don't forget, you have a chance to contribute to Keith's Christmas present. For every commission he gets this month from an MotA reader, I'll be paying him an extra $1. I'm hoping to be able to give him a nice bonus at the end of this month! Contact Keith for more information. There's a nifty button for going to his commission page to our right. In other news, wave 2 of LEGO Dimensions is out! I picked up my Doctor Who level pack today. So, I now have: * Batman * Wildstyle * Gandalf the Grey * The Batmobile * Marty McFly * The Delorean Time Machine * The Back to the Future Hoverboard * Chell from Portal 2 * A Companion Cube * A Turret * The Twelfth Doctor * The TARDIS * K-9 I'm pretty pleased so far!