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And here's today's page. Keith sends a thank you to everyone who wished their condolences. He and his circle are still grieving but they've had a chance to celebrate their friend's life.

Here in the US, today is officially Columbus Day. Many cities have decided to make it Indigenous People Day, instead. I'm all for that. As someone with Italian-American family, I recognize that the holiday once represented an acceptance of Italians in US society at a time when there was an actual fear of the Vatican trying to influence or rule the United States somehow. But that acceptance doesn't set aside the horrible things Columbus did or how European immigration to the Americas ruined lives and entire nations.

In other news, I am currently heavy and hard at work on version 2.0 of the Shadows of Vathak setting for Fat Goblin Games. Shadows of Vathak is a Pathfinder-compatible setting that explores the themes of conquest, horror, Lovecraft, survival, and war. While it takes place in a fantasy land, the best way to describe it might be to ask "what if corrupt, Church-focused European settlers had come to a foreign land and found that (some) of those natives worshiped Lovecraft's Old Ones? And what if, after a time of bloody conquest by the Europeans, the Old Ones awoke?" The book is looking gorgeous, as you can see in the image below.

Most of my work is done in the classes section (that's Pathfinder RPG classes, not social or political classes). My proudest achievement is a new psychic/occult class called the Fortune-teller.

The book should come out later this month. You can find more information here.