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Commission Keith W!

Happy Almost New Year!


I hope everyone had a great set of holidays and that you're also enjoying Kludge's Guide. One of the problems with webcomics is the slow pace. By the time you reach the end of the story, half the readers have forgotten the beginning! My hope is Kludge's Guide will be both entertaining and informative, reminding you of the background mechanics of how the arcanaverse works. I promise there is a logic to it!

I'm in the process of cleaning up the site, setting up some new features and generally getting us ready for chapter 6. Chapter 6, by the way, will feature the Hanged Man arcana, a new location, and a war between squirrel people.

You heard me right. Squirrel people war.

Speaking of chapter 6... just like chapter 5, chapter 6 has to pay for itself. However, a Kickstarter isn't a very practical solution for an ongoing webcomic. It is better suited for finite projects such as print runs or audio productions or video games. So, like so many webcomic folk, I've hopped onto the Patreon bandwagon!

Here's how it works. Every month people pledge to give X number of dollars to help fund Mysteries of the Arcana. How much money we raise per month will determine how much comic there is. At $80 a month, we get two pages for the month. At $160 a month, we're up to a page per week. For two pages a week (our schedule up until now) we need to raise $320 a month.

I'm going to be honest and blunt here. I don't make money off Mysteries of the Arcana. In fact, I've spent several thousand dollars creating it. Keith has this insane idea that he's a professional artist and deserves money with which to buy food and pay rent and the ads on this site maybe bring in enough to pay for five or six pages each year. Maybe.

Someday, I hope to make a bit of a profit off the comic. It would be nice to know my writing was valuable enough to pay for, say, coffee. Or maybe the occasional meal out. Or, dare I dream, a shiny new book every once and a while? But until then, I'll settle for being able to afford to make and share Mysteries of the Arcana and I can't do that without your help. I hate asking for money. I'm terrible at sales and I'd rather be able to make Mysteries of the Arcana for you to enjoy without any cost to any loyal readers but... I can't and I believe in my heart that Mysteries of the Arcana is worth funding.

So, please. Help make Mysteries of the Arcana possible. Thank you.