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Commission Keith W!

Scene change!


Hidden name: Heatherhobbit

References to help you keep track, EGS style.

The blackout. (This is also when we last saw our intrepid trio).

The explosion.

The decorative digital storage unit.

Theresa's decorative digital storage unit.

Okay! There we go. Now, to answer some questions that have been asked and respond to some comments.

First, the hidden name a few back should have been Crimson Rhen. The creators of Shadowbinders backed our Kickstarter (and are good friends of MotA and vice versa). I do apologize for messing up the name they asked to be hidden.

As for what Mandrake ran into a few pages back, that was the security door. Remember, the dastardly Baron Sir ordered Ruby to turn the power back on and initiate lock-down. That brought down a security curtain over the exploded main entrance of the Inn's tap room.

Tis danger. What shall happen to our friends!