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Some Questions Answered!

A few more more questions were asked. I now have answers!

First, as to the matter of the uncolored pages. There are a few and, unfortunately, I have no answer as to when they'll be colored in. Certainly, I hope to have it done before I release a trade edition. When that will be? I don't know for sure.

Second, it was pointed out that Chrys's dad is a blonde and her mom is a redhead. Where, it was asked, do the purple stripes in her hair come from? The answer is: from a bottle. Yep. Chrys is, naturally, a complete blonde. The purple stripes are an ornamentation.

Keep the questions coming!

Did you know Mysteries of the Arcana now has a listing at I want to thank the person who put up the listing for caring enough about MotA to add it. Thank you!