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A New Month Arrives! Fight!


Happy February all! I think I was in my mid-teens before I figured out how to spell that word right. February. Not Feburary or Februrary. Or something with an 'e' in it somewhere. Truth be told, I'm a terrible speller. Also, my handwriting was so bad my teachers just flat out told my parents to get me a computer.

So, Chrys's plan for peace isn't going well, is it? And Theresa's introducing a little bit of information from our world. Of course, she's overly cynical. Occasionally our peace talks do work but only after years of conflict. Look at how long it took the end the "troubles" in Ireland, for example. And while things look promising between Columbia and FARC that could all still collapse.

I'm not going to make a big speech but I will remind everyone that Flaming Crab Games is holding a Kickstarter to fund their Letters from the Flaming Crab line, which I'm in charge of. 12 Pathfinder-compatible game books, 12 unique topics. Please consider backing us. We're just over halfway towards our goal of actually being able to pay the writers and editor (which would be me).

See you Thursday!