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Today is Valentine's Day and I wish you a happy one! I hope you have someone special to spend it with. If you don't, I hope you find someone when you're ready.

I think it is fairly obvious that Chrys and Theresa are destined to be together. I've never made that a secret. Still, there had to be some tension. How to accomplish that? Add one part overeager elf girl, one part Catholic confusion, and one part Theresa being freaking uptight. Mix it all together and you've got romantic tension. Not quite "will they, won't they" but still enough to make a good story.

Thus far, Chrys and Theresa have kissed twice in the comic. Once in reality, once in Theresa's dreams. So, why is she remembering that now as she's forgiving Chrys? Well, even Theresa isn't immune to hormonal based decisions.

For the record, Blue prefers his jello shots to be lime. With little fruits jiggling inside. He's a wild one, he is.